The Scandinavian influence

Blog | 01/06/16


During the past few years, the Scandinavian style has made quite an impression on the market of home decoration. For next September, this style will still be a noticeable trend in the way we decorate and design our homes but, with a dash of color. Zoom in on this new european influence.

The basics of Scandinavian style

So far, we loved the Scandinavian style for its clean lines and subtle and harmonious combination of wood material with white color. It offered to our interior a soft touch both bright and warm. Now, we still love it for the same reasons but now, we can also add color among its past. Indeed, the shades of neutral colors is now thing of the past for the Scandinavian style. It is now embellished with touches of color that brighten and energize the home without taking away its warm and friendly environment.

A new trend coming from Denmark

The word “hygge” sums up this new trend coming from Denmark. The word “hygge” is difficult to translate but know that it evokes a lifestyle, a charm obtained with great simplicity. Concretely, we personalized the Scandinavian style to give it an extra something that fits our personality and this especially goes through the process of adding color! The idea is to enhance any decor to make it singular, to our delight.

The colorful Scandinavian style home

To welcome the colorful Scandinavian trend into your home, it’s pretty simple. If you already have a Scandinavian-style interior, you’ll be able to keep your furniture by just adding small accessories that will give a colorful and touch to the room. Note that the preferred colors are celadon green, turquoise or powder pink to bring freshness and softness to your home without overdoing it. So bet on some accessories like a cushions, candlesticks or a vase.  Choosing a larger room (space) to fit this style will also quickly set the tone. Think for example of a footstool, a sofa cover or any piece of furniture with colored elements. Finally, since most major decorating stores have followed closely the Scandinavian influence, you have no excuse not to succumb!  


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