Prefabricated Onesto model townhouse in modern contemporary style. Exterior and side view under the snow. Prefabricated Onesto model townhouse in modern contemporary style. Exterior and side view under snow.

About multi‑lodging construction

From semi‑detached homes to townhouses and multi‑lodging units, ProFab offers a wide range of multi‑lodging models to make your real estate investment as cost‑effective as possible.

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Profitable multi‑lodging projects

Prefabricated Onesto model townhouse in modern contemporary style. Front exterior view under the snow.

Rising construction costs and a shortage of site labour have made factory fabrication highly competitive.

By opting for multi‑unit construction with ProFab, you’ll reduce your schedule and lower your construction costs. You’ll then rent faster and achieve payback easily, significantly improving your return on investment.

Advantages of our multi‑lodging projects

Excellent value

Machined multi‑unit housing means quality construction at the best possible price. Because our materials are assembled in a weatherproof environment, we are able to control humidity levels, avoiding major mold‑related problems. It also reduces waste and our environmental footprint.

Floor choices

Fast, efficient construction

The optimization of a 12‑station assembly line ensures high efficiency that minimizes the construction costs of your multi‑lodging projects. As a result, you avoid weeks of site work, which means a faster return on your investment. And since several stages are carried out simultaneously on your site, in‑plant manufacturing is all the more productive.

Construction plan


  • 10 to 12 weeks for delivery to foundations
  • 4 to 5 days in factory
  • 12 optimized stations
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Comparison of construction stages

Identical preliminary stages for both types of construction

1. Design of plans
2. Site validation and surveying
3. Approval and permits
4. Site preparation

In-factory construction

5. Factory construction protected from the elements
6. Foundations built simultaneously with construction
7. Delivery of modules 95% complete
8. Site connections and finishing
9. Interior finishing
10. Cleaning and landscaping
11. Grand opening

On-site construction

5. Foundations
6. Beginning of structure
7. Roof, walls and insulation
8. Doors and windows
9. Electricity and plumbing
10. Interior and exterior finishing
11. Electrical and plumbing finishing
12. Final finishing touches
13. Cleaning and landscaping
14. Grand opening

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