A modular school building. A modular school building.

Institutional construction

In suburban and remote areas alike, institutional construction using modular buildings is gaining ground. Let’s work together on your large‑scale projects.

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Think big. Aim high.

Institutional projects

Modular construction is a fast, efficient solution for accommodating more students and meeting community needs.

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Make the most of your investment and get ready to welcome your first customers more quickly by opting for the construction of a modular building.

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Whether it’s a hospital, care centre or worker housing units, ProFab is the leverage you need for your next institutional project.

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A solution for local populations

The advantages of modular construction

Whether you’re erecting a new building or providing permanent or temporary housing for a large‑scale construction site, our modular constructions represent a highly advantageous solution in suburbs and remote areas alike.


Our factory‑built construction and delivery processes enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to community needs, all while reducing costs and disruption to site occupants.