Assemblage d'un sixplex préfabriquée sur le site de construction. Construction of a prefabricated multi-lodging sixplex

Multi‑lodging construction

Whether you’re a promoter, architect, developer, investor or simply looking to acquire an apartment building, ProFab will guide you through every step of your multi‑lodging construction project!

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For over 35 years, ProFab has built up an enviable reputation and expertise that will help you optimize your project and make it profitable. Discover how prefabrication accelerates lead times, improves durability, allows for customization and boosts energy efficiency. Factory‑built construction responds and adapts easily to the changing needs of the real estate market. More efficient, more profitable and, above all, more effective.

Multi‑lodging types

Browse our various multi‑lodging projects for a profitable investment. From semi‑detached and townhouses to bi‑generational homes, there are many options to choose from.

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Multi‑lodging construction processes

Manufacturing and construction factory

Planning is essential, and ProFab can help you estimate construction costs and calculate the profitability of your real estate project. You’ll benefit from the expertise of our architects and designers to plan your plans and facilitate their approval. ProFab uses high‑quality, state-of‑the‑art materials and construction methods, all while maintaining rigorous quality control and ethics both in our factory and on construction sites. ProFab will coordinate the work, create and optimize the plans, and propose customized solutions to maximize your project’s construction time and your return on investment.