12 new models of factory‑built homes in 2023

February 21, 2024

The year 2023 was marked by innovation at ProFab! Our team had set itself the challenge of designing one new manufactured home model per month to replenish its product portfolio: mission accomplished!


In addition to unveiling 12 new prefabricated home models, we’ve integrated virtual tours, as well as 3D interior and exterior views with Lightbeans® – a computer visualization tool – into the presentation of all our new models. We’ve also redesigned our best sellers to exceed our customers’ needs.


Here, then, are the new factory‑built home models that made ProFab news in 2023. Discover our expertise as a leader in modular home construction.

1. Quatre‑Temps

Farmhouse style, the Quatre-Temps model reveals a simple, refined elegance. This light‑filled bungalow features wood accents on a sleek white background. Its front porch, inspired by summer days, sets the stage for a warm and inviting interior. Its open‑plan living areas are ideal for gatherings and relaxation, while its abundant fenestration maximizes the proposed layout. At any time of day, a flood of light brings many benefits to its occupants.

The Quatre-temps is a farmhouse-style single-storey home. Exterior view

2. Belvédère

Belvédère is a chalet model that invites you to relax and get away from it all. Contemporary and modern, its sleek lines are soberly designed. While its high ceilings create an impression of grandeur, its abundant windows offer a breathtaking view of the outdoors. Inspired by the principles of hygge living, its open spaces invite you to enjoy moments of happiness. What’s more, its bathroom configuration promises well‑deserved breaks. In short, Belvédère is a bungalow that brings out the best in everyone!

Belvedere model, a single-storey house in contemporary style. View of the front exterior.

3. Alizé

Alizé is a modern chalet whose atmosphere changes with the seasons, depending on the time of day and Mother Nature’s mood! This single‑storey home features clean lines and magnificent windows that harmonize with any bucolic setting. It’s sure to charm occupants with its incomparable luminosity and simplicity. Extending the living spaces outside, its integrated gallery is a delight for outdoor enthusiasts. As the name suggests, you can even feel the gentle breeze of the trade winds.

Alizé model, a modern-style chalet. View of the rear exterior

4. Pixie

A true oasis of peace in an urban setting, Pixie is a modern contemporary bungalow. It’s ideal for urban couples and young families who want to build a home in the heart of the city or on a modestly sized suburban lot. Its open‑plan kitchen, living room and two bedrooms on the first floor create a friendly, functional space in which to celebrate life’s little pleasures and big joys.

The Pixie model is a contemporary single-storey home. Exterior view

5. Noa

A model of modern Scandinavian style, Noa is sure to seduce nature lovers at every turn! Strongly inspired by Scandinavian double‑sloped chalets, this bungalow offers a magnificent view of the outdoors thanks to its cathedral windows. The fireplace gives it an unrivalled presence and adds to the charm of the open‑plan living space. Lovers of the outdoors will find this a place as invigorating as it is comforting, where they can live with natural simplicity and enjoy the present moment.

The Noa model is a Scandinavian-style bungalow. Exterior view

6. Dyade

Dyade is a modern farmhouse‑style single-storey model that’s all about action! Spacious and multi‑functional, it can be built as a semi‑detached or bigeneration home. Its three bedrooms and abundant storage space are perfect for large families. Its practical, open layout – like the laundry room on the first floor – lets you live everyday life as it is. This model also offers the possibility of adding bedrooms in the basement, an attractive rental opportunity.

Dyade is a Farmhouse-style semi-detached model. View of the exterior.

7. Émile

The Émile bungalow has a strong, clean‑cut profile, yet remains welcoming. Its modern contemporary style and distinctive architecture allow it to blend into any environment. Whether in the city or the country, it’s sure to earn respect for its presence and clean lines, creating a comfortable, livable atmosphere. Its well‑thought‑out open‑plan layout, without sacrificing storage space, is an advantageous choice for families.

Emile model, a single-storey house in contemporary style. View of the exterior.

8. Lea

Lea is a bungalow that stands out for the softness of its classic contemporary architecture and the delicacy of its features. Its large entrance hall and staircase, separated from the open‑plan living area, have a traditional, comforting style that suggests a return to basics. Its two ground‑floor bedrooms offer tranquility and privacy, inviting everyone to find their own cozy corner.

The Léa model is a bungalow in contemporary style. View from outside.

9. Kalmia

With its contemporary Farmhouse style, Kalmia is all about simplicity. This bungalow offers the opportunity to create a multitude of memorable moments in a cozy environment. Its spacious living areas make it a distinctive and functional home, ideal for young families and those seeking a living environment with unrivalled charm.

Kalmia model, a bungalow in contemporary style. View from the outside.

10. Svalla

The Svalla model takes its name from the lifting of the waves and the movement of the ocean, which inspired the lines of its roof slopes. Ideal as a cottage, it fuses Mid‑Century and modern styles, while providing ample living space for its occupants. The bungalow also features a divided cathedral ceiling over the dining room and living room, as well as light‑filled windows. What’s more, its low cost is sure to appeal to fans of atypical architecture.

The Svalla model is a midcentury-style chalet. Front exterior view
The Svalla model is a midcentury-style chalet. Exterior rear view.

11. Edena

The Edena semi‑detached is a paradise where everything has been thought of! This modern farmhouse‑style two-storey model offers a separate space where you can relax after a hectic day. In addition to a second bathroom, there’s more than enough storage space to cope with the vagaries of daily life. Perfectly adapted to the needs of today’s families, its configuration offers the possibility of adding a scullery and an office or playroom. Happiness is just a few steps away!

Edena model, a 2-story Farmhouse style house. View of the exterior.

12. Pacha

Pacha is a classic contemporary style midway between chalet and bungalow. It’s the perfect combination for a year‑round vacation! Its imposing façade reveals a spacious first floor and garage. Inside, its unobstructed view of the open‑plan living area reveals a cathedral ceiling that encourages natural light. Ingeniously designed, this model allows you to create a scullery and office to enhance your home life. Whatever the season, it’s sure to make you say “Home Sweet Home”!


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The Pacha model is a single-story farmhouse. Exterior view
The Pacha model is a single-storey farmhouse. Exterior rear view.
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