Written by Martin Roy April 10, 2024

Group PRO‑FAB Inc. has undergone a significant transformation since 2021, energized by its new majority shareholder Kairos Capital Management, propelling ProFab towards new aligned growth and innovation. Since this pivotal moment, ProFab redefined its mission from an engineered modular home manufacturer to a comprehensive housing solutions provider.

"ProFab: Guiding Homebuyers

ProFab is proud to announce that our shareholders at Kairos Capital have given us the opportunity to acquire a majority interest in Thermo Structures Inc. The wall and structural system is better known in the market as Timber Block. With its unique product and distribution in Quebec, Ontario and the United States, ProFab is positioned for growth throughout North America. This transaction promises exciting projects and challenges in the future.


In the past year, Kairos funded the start‑up of the structural building plant Structure Heritage Inc., and it expanded its offering of multi‑unit solutions to address the housing shortage. Additionally, as part of the Timber Block acquisition, it provided the financial means to purchase the assets of Confort Design Inc., a well‑established regional modular building company and Construction Germat Inc., a seasoned on‑site builder. 


Recognizing the market’s evolving needs, we embraced the challenge to diversify our offering and strengthen our leadership. As the housing crisis deepened, the demand for rental properties surged, prompting us to expand into multi‑dwelling units, offsetting the slowdown in the single‑family home market due to rising interest rates. Today, we are proud of our evolution which encompasses not only single‑family homes, but also multi‑dwelling units, rental options, and supplementary structural home components such as walls, roof trusses and more.


A Moderne style home by Timberblock

To further enhance our capabilities, we enhanced our manufacturing methods, integrating panelized building solutions and traditional construction techniques into the engineered modular method we have used for over 35 years. This strategic approach enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive range of options, whether they seek to purchase or rent a home.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing. As such, we are integrating professional services such as engineering and architecture into our portfolio to enhance the seamless experience for our customers.


At ProFab, we understand the importance of homeownership and the challenges it can bring. We are committed to guiding homebuyers through every stage of their journey. Our range of solutions is designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring that each client can find the perfect fit for their lifestyle and budget.


Looking to the future, ProFab’s growth strategy is focused on horizontal integration through strategic acquisitions. We will continue to deliver premium‑quality products to home builders and buyers, further solidifying our position as a leading authority in the housing solutions sector. We’re dedicated to serving Central and Eastern Canada and the United States with unparalleled expertise and innovation.

A Timberblock Classic home model
Sources : Image from Timber Block website
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