New online tool to customize your modular home

June 04, 2024

Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec – June 4, 2024 – ProFab is thrilled to announce its partnership with Lightbeans, an innovative company specialized in computer modeling technologies.

The result of this collaboration is the brand‑new online configurator for ProFab’s website. Designed by Lightbeans, this configurator allows users to customize the Edena model as they please, in the comfort of their own home. They can now try out various material combinations and enjoy close‑up views of real products in high definition, allowing them to make more enlightened selections. More materials and models will be added over the coming months.

The goal behind this tool was to create an interactive online experience that fully engages clients in customization from the very beginning of the process. The ability to design one’s prefabricated home even before purchase inspires a sense of confidence.

The Edena model, a modern farmhouse‑style prefabricated home offers a separate upstairs space for parents who want to unwind peacefully after a hectic day. In addition to a bathroom for the kids, this modular home has more than enough storage space to cope with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Perfectly adapted to the needs of today’s families, its 2 floors offer the possibility of having a walk‑in pantry as well an office or playroom at the front of the house.

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Edena model, a 2-storey farmhouse-style house. 3D view of the house plan, first floor.
‑ Anne Fournier, Marketing Director for ProFab

“The online configurator developed by Lightbeans for our Edena model is a powerful tool that allows our customers to turn their vision into reality. It helps us make their dream home a reality. We are convinced that this collaboration will strengthen our leadership position in the modular construction industry.”
says Anne Fournier, Marketing Director for ProFab

We strongly encourage our suppliers to have the textures of their materials scanned with Lightbeans to enable us to make the product even more realistic and complete for the customer. What’s more, it allows us to specify the materials chosen even before the house is actually purchased.

Illustration explaining the new configurator.
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