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Pro-Fab is a leader in the Modular Home Construction Industry.  Founded in 1989, Pro-Fab operates two facilities where all its manufactured homes are conceived and assembled indoors, protected from the elements. This key advantage assures Pro-Fab to meet the Industry’s highest and most rigorous standards of quality as well as controlling and reducing costs, and guaranteeing no production delays.

Thanks to its General Contractor Licence, Pro-Fab can guide customers from start to finish in their housing project.  The company also welcomes its entire clientele at the Pro-Fab Design Centre, which offers a one-stop-shopping for design and decoration, supported with a free design service.

Pro-Fab’s prefabricated homes customers have shown such a high level of satisfaction that the company has been rewarded with numerous awards such as a «Qualité Habitation» trophy and the «Customer Choice Award» in the Modular Home Category for 7 years in a row. Pro-Fab, a company you can trust for your housing project, whether you are located in Quebec, Ontario or Northeastern United States.