Rewards program

Get great rewards for the referral of new clients

Successful referrals Public Pro-Fab Customers
1st client referred 250$ 500$
2nd client referred 500$ 750$
3rd client referred 1000$ 1250$
4th client referred 1500$ 1750$
Subsequent referrals 2000$ 2000$

Summary of how the program works


Be submitted electronically through the PRO-FAB referral page
Be submitted before the referred client signs a sales agreement
Apply to a sales agreement signed after the program start date of December 20, 2012
Result in the delivery of a Pro-Fab home in 2017–2018
Fully comply with all program terms and conditions

Complete terms and conditions

Eligible participants

All ambassadors of PRO-FAB’s superior products and exemplary service, including Pro-Fab clients, employees (excluding VPs, directors, and sales experts), suppliers, subcontractors, and the general public, are eligible for the program. All participants must fully adhere to all terms and conditions of the referral program at all times to be eligible.

Eligible referrals

All referrals must comply fully with all referral program terms and conditions listed to be eligible.

Reward value

Successful referrals Public Pro-Fab Customers
1st client referred 250$ 500$
2nd client referred 500$ 750$
3rd client referred 1000$ 1250$
4th client referred 1500$ 1750$
Subsequent referrals 2000$ 2000$

Reward details

Your reward can be applied to a gift card for one of the following companies:

Home dépôt
Club piscine
Petro canada
Vacances air canada

Eligibility terms and conditions

All referrals must be submitted electronically through the website referral page. If you do not have access to a computer, you may submit a written referral to the head office by mail addressed to Pro-Fab, Attn.: Referrals, 294 rue Laurier, Saint-Apollinaire, QC G0S 2E0, by fax at 418-881-2244, or verbally to the program administrator at the head office who will submit the referral electronically on your behalf by calling 1-855-880-2288.

Once the referral has been submitted, it will be confirmed and then directed to the sales site that is closest to the potential purchaser.

To verify referral validity, Pro-Fab reserves the right to contact potential purchasers to confirm that they have been referred by the people who submitted the referrals.

For a reward to be remitted, a referral must without exception have been registered on a date preceding the sales agreement signature date and result in the delivery of a Pro-Fab home in 2017 or 2018.

To be eligible, the referral must apply to a sales agreement signed after December 20, 2012, the date the 2013 program began.

The program is effective as of December 20, 2012. Any participation in a previous program is excluded and does not apply. The cumulative calculation of a participant’s number of referrals begins as of December 20, 2012. Thus all participants who join the program begin at the first level, regardless of the number of referrals made in the paste (before dec 20, 2012).

Rewards will be remitted four to six working weeks after the delivery of the purchaser’s Pro-Fab home.

Only one referral—the first received electronically—is eligible per home delivered.

Bonus 1000: Improvement of the reward program for the general public and PRO-FAB customers increases to $ 1000 per reference for a limited time. To terms and conditions of the regular program, the following specifications are added: Valid from 2017, September 6ht to 30th. For a 2017 delivery only. The promo code ” BONUS1000 ” must be entered in comment, failing which the regular pricing will be effective. Referencing must be done before the potential client contacts an advisor. This bonus is not retroactive and will not be applied on past referrals. Subject to approval by management.

New program pricing: Starting 2017, September 7th, the pricing of the referral program will be: General public 1st referral client: $ 250, 2nd referral client: $ 500, 3rd referral client: $ 1000, 4th referral client: 1500 $, the following references: $ 2000; PRO-FAB clients 1st referral client: $ 500, 2nd referral client: $ 750, 3rd referral client: $ 1250, 4th referral client: $ 1750, following references: $ 2000. These amounts are in Canadian dollars. The rewards amounts are not retroactive with an old fee schedule. Only the amount of references made by the same person will be cumulated. A single reference will be allowed for a project, whether the project includes one or many units (house, semi-detached, triplex, bi-generation, etc.). It is impossible to refer oneself or refer someone who will be on the same contract, and / or residing at the same address.

Pro-Fab reserves the right to refuse to remitted a reward if a person who made a referral is deemed to have breached the terms and conditions.

Pro-Fab reserves the right to modify and/or cancel this program at any time.

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