What’s the difference between modular construction and panelized construction?

Modular construction, which is what Pro-Fab does, makes it possible to build practically the entire home in the factory, in the form of modules. For example, a bungalow usually consists of two modules, while a cottage has four. The level of finishing on the modules is very high and may include all doors and windows, the interior divisions, insulation, cabinetry, the bath and shower, and much of the plumbing and electricity. When the modules are installed on the foundation, the project is already at a very advanced stage.

Panelized construction makes it possible to build walls with the insulation already installed. When the walls are delivered to the worksite, they must be assembled to start construction. Pro-Fab does not offer this option.

Does Pro-Fab offer homes for self-builders?

No. By opting for modular construction and providing a wide range of project management services, Pro-Fab instead offers a solution aimed at future owners who want someone to oversee their project.

Can Pro-Fab deliver anywhere?

Pro-Fab can deliver anywhere in Quebec, Ontario, and the Northeastern United States. Projects outside these areas are not excluded but studied on a case-by-case basis. For special projects, please contact us at 1-855-880-2288.

If your question is about the type of land (sloped, uneven, difficult access by private road), please consult an expert at a Pro-Fab sales site. If necessary, a Pro-Fab staffer will visit your site to validate its accessibility for module delivery.

Does Pro-Fab handle excavation and foundation work?

Yes, in most regions of Quebec. Our teams serve all of southern Quebec, from the Ontario border in the west to Tadoussac and Rivière-du-Loup in the east. For the Abitibi, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Côte-Nord, and Nord du Québec regions, we have partnerships in place, but the customer must take a more active role in coordinating the work.

Does Pro-Fab handle finishing work (electricity, plumbing, carpentry)?

For plumbing and electricity: Yes, in most regions of Quebec. Our teams serve all of southern Quebec, from the Ontario border in the west to Tadoussac and Rivière-du-Loup in the east. For the Abitibi, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Côte-Nord, and Nord du Québec regions, we have partnerships in place, but the customer must take a more active role in coordinating the work.

For carpentry work: Yes, in all our delivery areas. By carpentry work, we mean the work carried out to attach the modules together, install the roof, and ensure the home’s airtightness. In addition, Pro-Fab has an inspector go to the site to perform a final inspection with the customer upon the completion of work.

Does Pro-Fab offer turnkey projects?

In terms of support, Pro-Fab offers the most comprehensive service on the market:

• Free estimate
• Mortgage consulting
• Finalization of plans with a technologist
• Selection of colors and materials with a kitchen designer and decorator
• Project management, from foundation to final inspection*
• Support from a dedicated customer relationship manager, including after-sales serviceOnce the inspection has been completed to your satisfaction, all that’s left for you to do are a few finishing steps.

Is there any work that Pro-Fab does not manage?

Yes. Pro-Fab does not cover plastering, painting, or flooring installation.

Can Pro-Fab give me an accurate cost estimate for my home?

Yes. The experts at our sales sites can provide you with an accurate estimate of construction and delivery costs including, for example, the exact price of your selected cabinet configuration (based on the current standard specifications).

Not only will our expert estimate your home’s cost, he or she will also help you evaluate the total cost of your project, including the expenses for external products and services such as the surveyor, notary, permits, Hydro-Québec connection, and transfer taxes.

Who is responsible for obtaining the mortgage approval letter and when must this be done?

The customer is responsible for obtaining this letter. The approval letter must be obtained from your financial institution and sent to Pro-Fab within 30 days of the signing of the promise to purchase.

Does Pro-Fab offer mortgage financing services?

Pro-Fab offers you mortgage services from various institutions that have been exclusively accredited for Pro-Fab customers. They know they can rely on Pro-Fab to stay on budget and on schedule, which means faster loan approval for customers like you. See the Financing page for more details.

Who is responsible for obtaining the building permit and when must this be done?

The customer is responsible for obtaining the permit from the City and sending it to Pro-Fab at least six weeks before the delivery date. This requirement must be met before starting the excavation and foundation work.

How long does it take to build a Pro-Fab home?

It generally takes around eight weeks from the signing of the contract to the installation of the modules on the foundation. It then takes another six to eight weeks for site work to be completed before the home is ready to live in. However, these estimates are approximate and lead times may vary based on a number of factors (for example, time required to obtain permits and financing, choice of delivery date during a period of peak demand, complexity of the site). Upon the signing of the promise to purchase, we give customers an owner’s guide with details on their project timeline.

Once the home has been installed on the foundation, how long does it take to “enclose” it (protect the interior from inclement weather)?

Since the roof is usually almost completed at the factory, but hinged and folded for transportation, it is quickly unfolded and put in place upon arrival at the site. The house is therefore usually protected from inclement weather from the first day it is installed on its foundation.

Can Pro-Fab build a home based on a personalized plan?

Absolutely. Bring your plan to an expert at a sales site and he or she will help you determine its degree of in-factory feasibility.

What happens during the Pro-Fab Design Centre day for choosing colors and materials?

Customers first meet with a technologist to finalize their plan. They then visit the showrooms with a kitchen designer to choose their kitchen and bathroom cabinets, counters, faucets, plumbing fixtures (bathtub, shower, sink, toilet), shingles, exterior siding, and more. Lastly, a decorator helps them choose their flooring, paint, light fixtures, and décor items. The entire process is described in greater detail in the Owner’s Guide customers receive at the time of purchase.

Does Pro-Fab offer Novoclimat homes?

Yes, our standard construction specifications meet Novoclimat program criteria. This program, applicable only in Quebec, is significant because it allows you to save at least 25% on heating costs and guarantees greater comfort for the future occupants. For prefabricated homes, there are two ways to meet Novoclimat criteria:

  • Attestation: Construction meeting Novoclimat MODULAR standards (does not include the foundation insulation)
  • Certification : Construction meeting Novoclimat COMPLETE standards (includes foundation insulation)

Does Pro-Fab sell lots?

Pro-Fab negotiates with developers to offer you a choice of lots in various regions. However, if our database does not contain any lots in the area you want, the experts at our sales sites can help you find a lot in the area that interests you.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

If you have not yet bought your Pro-Fab home:

Visit an expert at one of our sales sites, which are open seven days a week.


If you have already purchased your Pro-Fab home but it has not been delivered:

Contact your customer relationship agent at 1 855 880-2288, Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


If your new Pro-Fab home has been delivered but you have not received your final inspection:

Please contact your inspector at the telephone number he provided to you.


If your final inspection has been completed:

Call our after-sales service at 1 877 profab1 or 1 877 776 3221

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